A luxury bodysuits and basics-wear brand with a provocative 90s vibe and downtown-cool style. 
HAUS lends its name to the ideas of the Bauhaus movement- simplicity, quality, functionality, design, commercialism.
HAUS was created after the frustration of never finding good-quality; cost-effective; fashion-forward basics that could be worn with high-end designer pieces. The Bodysuit is the first in the CORE range, offered in nude, black and white. Seamless, slimline, well-fitting, and quality-finishes make HAUS the go-to brand for womenswear basics.
Strong lines, sleek silhouettes, and functional garments that can be worn to the beach, office or after hours. With the influence from fashion and branding of the 90s and a sexy model-off-duty style, HAUS delivers high quality leisurewear for the savvy fashion aficionado. 


Rebecca Dickson has designed for some of Australia's leading womenswear designers, designing for both local and international markets. Her designs have appeared on the runway at New York Fashion Week, and she has designed collections that have been stocked in Bloomingdales in the US. 
Rebecca now works with several Australian brands offering freelance design, while working on her true passion, HAUS. 
Rebecca created HAUS in 2018, "I love bodysuits, they are versatile, easy, and go with just about anything in a woman's wardrobe, but nobody was doing them really well, nor were they accessible to all sizes and shapes. I created HAUS for women that want great quality basics, and to feel sexy and put-together in a simple and clean way." 
Rebecca lives on the Gold Coast, Australia. If you'd like to contact Rebecca about freelance design, or just to get in touch, please email